Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thank goodness for...

The god awful pitch count. Normally I hate them, but thanks to Trey Hillman keeping Zach Greinke on one. He was filthy last night, but after 114 pitches in 7 innings, it went to the pen and we were able to get to them. It sure feel good to get a win. Here's to hoping the big Aussie, Ryan Rowland-Smith can keep it going today against former Mariner Gil Meche.

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  1. Pitch counts in the Bigs are garbage. And even worse than SP pitch counts are RP pitch counts. Like a RP pitcher is physically incapable of going more than 20 pitches into a game. It's garbage.

    But you're right. I was stoke when I saw that turn around last night. Very fun game.